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SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences (SCIS, Impact Factor: 2.731) is cosponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published by Science China Press. It is committed to publishing high-quality, original results of both basic and applied research in all areas of information sciences, including computer science and technology; control science and engineering; information and communication engineering; microelectronics and solid state electronics. SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences is published monthly in both print and electronic forms. It is indexed by SCI, EI, JCR, SCOPUS, DBLP, etc.

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《中国科学: 信息科学》

专刊/专题 最新刊期: 2019(8)

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计算机 控制 通信 信息器件

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《中国科学: 信息科学》(英文名称: SCIENTIA SINICA Informationis, SSI)是中国科学院和国家自然科学基金委员会共同主办、《中国科学》杂志社出版的学术刊物. 本刊力求刊载信息学科领域最高学术水平的中文文章, 及时报道计算机科学与技术、控制科学与控制工程、通信与信息系统、微电子与固体电子学等领域基础与应用研究方面的原创性成果, 推动信息科学技术发展, 搭建理论与技术应用的桥梁, 促进与各学科、各行业的交叉融合.

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