Demonstration of 60 GHz millimeter-wave short-range wireless communication system at 3.5 Gbps over 5 m range

Yue, Guangrong; Wang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Lei; Cheng, Long; Tang, Junlin; Zou, Xianbing; Zeng, Yuan; Li, Lianming

Sci China Inf Sci, 2017, 60(8): 080306

Millimeter-wave communication has received considerable attention for use in new-generation broadband wireless communication because of the scarcity of microwave band spectrum resources. The unlicensed frequency band at 60 GHz is suitable for indoor short-range broadband communication. In this paper, we introduce a 60 GHz millimeter-wave short-range wireless communication demo system adhering to the IEEE 802.11ad standard and targeting high-definition video streaming transmission. The system uses single-carrier transmission with frequency-domain equalization. The hardware prototype consists of a 65-nm CMOS radio-frequency front-end and a baseband transceiver for the physical layer functions. Important baseband technologies such as carrier synchronization, phase noise compensation, frequency-domain equalization, and low-density parity-check decoding based on probability calculation are also discussed. The system performance is demonstrated in an experiment on high-definition video transmission, where a data rate of 3.52 Gbps is achieved with a quadrature phase-shift keying signal over a distance of 5.109 m.

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