Massive self-organized shape formation in grid environments

Chu, Wenjie; Zhang, Wei; Zhao, Haiyan; Jin, Zhi; Mei, Hong

Sci China Inf Sci, 2022, 65(6): 164101

Self-organized shape formation can be observed in many natural processes, involving crystallization, multi-cellular organism formation, and social insects collaboration. In these natural processes, complex structures emerge from decentralized collaboration among individuals. This kind of phenomenon motivates two research problems: what is the mechanism of self-organized shape formation, and how to construct artificial systems of self-organized shape formation. Solutions to the two problems could facilitate the application of self-organized shape formation in many potential domains, such as smart warehouses and intelligent transportation. Specifically, self-organized shape formation can be applied to bike-sharing systems in the intelligent transportation domain to guide the movement directions of multiple uses when the parking space is scarce.

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