Deep graph cut network for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation

Feng, Jiapei; Wang, Xinggang; Liu, Wenyu

Sci China Inf Sci, 2021, 64(3): 130105

The scarcity of fully-annotated data becomes the biggest obstacle that prevents many deep learning approaches from widely applied. Weakly-supervised visual learning which can utilize inexact annotations is developed rapidly to remedy such a situation. In this paper, we study the weakly-supervised task achieving pixel-level semantic segmentation only with image-level labels as supervision. Different from other methods, our approach tries to transform the weakly-supervised visual learning problem into a semi-supervised visual learning problem and then utilizes semi-supervised learning methods to solve it. Utilizing this transformation, we can adopt effective semi-supervised methods to perform transductive learning with context information. In the semi-supervised learning module, we propose to use the graph cut algorithm to label more supervision from the activation seeds generated from a classification network. The generated labels can provide the segmentation model with effective supervision information; moreover, the graph cut module can benefit from features extracted by the segmentation model. Then, each of them updates and optimizes the other iteratively until convergence. Experiment results on PASCAL VOC and COCO benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed deep graph cut algorithm for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation.