Crowdsourcing aggregation with deep Bayesian learning

Li, Shao-Yuan; Huang, Sheng-Jun; Chen, Songcan

Sci China Inf Sci, 2021, 64(3): 130104

In this study, we consider a crowdsourcing classification problem in which labeling information from crowds is aggregated to infer latent true labels. We propose a fully Bayesian deep generative crowdsourcing model (BayesDGC), which combines the strength of deep neural networks (DNNs) on automatic representation learning and the interpretable probabilistic structure encoding of probabilistic graphical models. The model comprises a DNN classifier as a prior for the true labels and a probabilistic model for the annotation generation process. The DNN classifier and annotation generation process share the latent true label variables. To address the inference challenge, we developed a natural-gradient stochastic variational inference, which combines variational message passing for conjugate parameters and stochastic gradient descent for DNN and learns the distribution of latent true labels and workers’ confusion matrix via end-to-end training. We illustrated the effectiveness of the proposed model using empirical results on 22 real-world datasets.