Jittor: a novel deep learning framework with meta-operators and unified graph execution

Hu, Shi-Min; Liang, Dun; Yang, Guo-Ye; Yang, Guo-Wei; Zhou, Wen-Yang

Sci China Inf Sci, 2020, 63(12): 222103

This paper introduces Jittor, a fully just-in-time (JIT) compiled deep learning framework. With JIT compilation, we can achieve higher performance while making systems highly customizable. Jittor provides classes of Numpy-like operators, which we call meta-operators. A deep learning model built upon these meta-operators is compiled into high-performance CPU or GPU code in real-time. To manage metaoperators, Jittor uses a highly optimized way of executing computation graphs, which we call unified graph execution. This approach is as easy to use as dynamic graph execution yet has the efficiency of static graph execution. It also provides other improvements, including operator fusion, cross iteration fusion, and unified memory.