Detail-preserving smoke simulation using an efficient high-order numerical scheme

Zhu, Jian; Yang, Zhuo; Sun, Hanqiu; Wu, Enhua; Cai, Ruichu; Hao, Zhifeng

Sci China Inf Sci, 2020, 63(6): 164101

The advection step in Eulerian fluid simulation is prone to numerical dissipation, resulting in the loss of fluid details. Among the various attempts to develop accurate advection solvers, high-order advection schemes such as back and forth error compensation and correction (BFECC) and MacCormack are effective solutions. Complementary to high-order advection schemes are high-order interpolation schemes such as monotonic cubic spline in the graphics field and essentially non-oscillatory (ENO) and weighted ENO (WENO) schemes in computational fluid dynamics. However, these schemes are computed over wide stencils, incurring a significant algorithm complexity cost and potential problems on nonuniformly spaced grids.

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