A synergy control framework for enlarging vehicle stability region with experimental verification

Xu, Nan; Chen, Hong; Ding, Haitao; Wang, Ping; Zhang, Lin

Sci China Inf Sci, 2018, 61(12): 124202

Vehicle stability control has made remarkable contributions in improving vehicle safety and performance, especially during critical driving conditions. Many researchers have made tremendous efforts with regard to various active vehicle stability systems, and integrated vehicle dynamics control has attracted wide interest, including the global chassis control (GCC), vehicle dynamic stability control (VDSC), holistic corner control (HCC), among others. Sometimes, they cannot perform well due to the coupling of vehicle dynamics and the highly complex working condition of the vehicle itself, which highly rely on the nonlinear and interdependent tire longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces. Currently, the vigorous development of the intelligent vehicle, advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and new chassis structures (such as 4WD EVs) strongly require the effective utilization of nonlinear tire forces and an extension of the vehicle stability region to develop more effective chassis control strategies.

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