Long-term flexible penetrating neural interfaces: materials, structures, and implantation

Gu, Chi; Jiang, Jianjuan; Tao, Tiger H.; Wei, Xiaoling; Sun, Liuyang

Sci China Inf Sci, 2021, 64(12): 221401

Penetrating neural interface, which collects the neural electrophysiological signal and serves as a key component in brain-computer interface, has drawn great attention recently. The instability of chronic recording is the main challenge for the conventional neural interface. Novel neural probes with improved long-term performance have been developed based on advanced materials and engineered structures. Here, we review these emergent innovations contributing to chronic stable recording from the perspectives of materials, structures, and implantation methods. These advances make possible further developments in neuroscience research related to neural decoding, neural circuit mechanism analysis, and neurological disease treatment.