Designing and deploying a mixed-reality aquarium for cognitive training of young children with autism spectrum disorder

Liu, Juan; Bian, Yulong; Yuan, Yanran; Xi, Yuting; Geng, Wenxiu; Jin, Xinpei; Gai, Wei; Fan, Xiangmin; Tian, Feng; Meng, Xiangxu; Yang, Chenglei

Sci China Inf Sci, 2021, 64(5): 154101

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disorder severely affecting cognition and social behavior, is increasing in prevalence. This increasing trend is especially severe in children, making the early intervention crucial to ASD treatment. Children with ASD have been found impairments in several aspects of cognition functions. Cognition of children with ASD is characterized by impairments in communication skills and reciprocal social interaction and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests. Moreover, children with ASD were found to have attention deficit symptoms such as rapid shifting of attention, delay in shifting attention between visual and auditory stimuli, and impaired attention to the most salient or meaningful feature of a stimulus. Therefore, early training on cognitive ability is very important and essential for the rehabilitation of those young ASD children with cognition impairments.

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