Hybrid neural state machine for neural network

Tian, Lei; Wu, Zhenzhi; Wu, Shuang; Shi, Luping

Sci China Inf Sci, 2021, 64(3): 132202

The integration of computer-science-oriented and neuroscience-oriented approaches is believed to be a promising way for the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Recently, a hybrid Tianjic chip that integrates both approaches has been reported, providing a general platform to facilitate the research of AGI. The control algorithm for handling various neural networks is the key to this platform; however, it is still primitive. In this work, we propose a hybrid neural state machine (H-NSM) framework that can efficiently cooperate with artificial neural networks and spiking neural networks and control the workflows to accomplish complex tasks. The H-NSM receives input from different types of networks, makes decisions according to the fusing of various information, and sends control signals to the sub-network or actuator. The H-NSM can be trained to adapt to context-aware tasks or sequential tasks, thereby improving system robustness. The training algorithm works correctly even if only 50% of the forced state information is provided. It achieved performance comparable to the optimum algorithm on the Tower of Hanoi task and achieved multiple tasks control on a self-driving bicycle. After only 50 training epochs, the transfer accuracy reaches 100% in the test case. It proves that H-NSM has the potential to advance control logic for hybrid systems, paving the way for designing complex intelligent systems and facilitating the research towards AGI.