Design and demonstration of a dynamic wireless power transfer system for electric vehicles

Zhou, Ze; Zhang, Liyan; Liu, Zhitao; Ma, Longhua; Huang, Miao; Su, Hongye

Sci China Inf Sci, 2019, 62(12): 224201

The usage of electric vehicles is being globally promoted with the development of clean energy. However, the development of electric vehicles is limited by the battery capacity and the charging technology. Traditional charging facilities mainly involve plugging in vehicles in an electrical interface, which is inconvenient and inherently hazardous. When compared with the traditional charging methods, the wireless charging method can solve several problems, such as the interface limitation, and will be gradually developed as the main charging mode for electric vehicles [1]. Based on the driving states of electric vehicles, the wireless charging technologies can be mainly classified as static wireless charging and dynamic wireless charging. Static wireless charging requires an electric vehicle to be parked at a fixed charging point, whereas dynamic wireless charging can charge the electric vehicles when they are being driven. When compared with static wireless charging, dynamic wireless charging can improve the driving range and charging convenience of the electric vehicles, thereby reducing the waiting time between the charging cycles.

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